Clinical and Life Sciences Analytics



Clinical and life sciences organizations face increasing pressures to improve overall efficiency, minimize risk, and remain cost-effective. As a result, organizations are continuously seeking more efficient ways to extract valuable insight from their data to enable a better understanding of the underlying study or case, as well as the drivers of operational efficiency and costs. This makes the need for easy-to-use yet powerful analytics more critical.

Analytics has evolved from being an in-house tool available to just a selected few to a holistic approach of information delivery and decision support, that is accessible to everyone across the organization as well as its partners.

Analytics also helps life sciences organizations to harness and optimize the value of all available data collected via a wide variety of systems, in a bid to enable faster and insightful decision making. 

What makes Nyansapor a powerful and “best-fit” analytics solution, is the ease-of-use and the ability to allow your users to analyze the data that is most relevant to them and experience that "a-ha" moment of new and improved insights.

Using Nyansapor your researchers, clinical development, medical, and management personnel can quickly explore and interact with large volumes of operational, clinical, medical, and safety data located in various systems via a single intuitive interface to support insightful decisions.  They can be provided with real-time access to this data, if needed, to enable faster and proactive decisions.

Why Nyansapor

Nyansapor offers a whole new way of insight discovery, by delivering an advanced and powerful analytics solution that fits your needs.

  • Access, combine, and analyze all your data sources via a single interface without the need to move your data. Data sources could include; Safety, EDC, IRT, CTMS, Marketing, Financial, CRM…you name it
  • Monitor critical metrics and performance indicators, and compare these to benchmark data in the same report or dashboard
  • Pre-built reports and dashboards that cover a wide range of standard industry metrics, quality measures, and performance indicators
  • Easily control who has access to what data, report, or dashboard, and when they can access it
  • Enable real-time access to key analytics on mobile devices, including alerts for shared analysis, scheduled reports and significant occurrences
  • Share your analytics with your external partners
  • Cloud deployment, on-premise delpoyment, SaaS.... your choice


Executive Insight

Your data holds huge opportunities as well as looming threats. Nyansapor helps you uncover them quickly.

Using Nyansapor’s self-service analytics, you can:

  • Minimize risks related to safety and regulatory concerns
  • Optimize performance and revenue across your entire spectrum
  • Control costs and improve efficiency by streamlining your operations and leveraging best practices.
  • Identify specific markets that need a performance boost
  • Foster collaboration with your strategic partners

Encouraging data-driven decisions by executives across your entire organization, helps you anticipate opportunities and risks more effectively than your competitors. 


Data Platforms

Nyansapor integrates seemlessly with various data platforms and sources. It does not matter what you currently use, we can access your data and help you start analyzing it. 

The vast number of data platforms we support include, but not limited to:

  • Oracle - Clinical, LSH, InForm GTM, ClinTrial, Argus Safety, CTMS etc.
  • IBM - Infosphere clinical warehouse
  • BioClinica - OnPoint CTMS, Express EDC
  • Medidata
  • Custom built databases