Healthcare Performance Analytics

Nyansapor's Healthcare Performance Analytics solutions will enable you to develop & analyze the right performance metrics you need to turn your organization's data into actionable insight to support timely operational decisions and comprehensive performance management. The metrics and performance indicators that we help you develop are based on an integration of clinical, financial, and operational data - regardless of source system or vendor - to provide a single holistic view of your healthcare performance.

Your decision-makers and stakeholders will be empowered to use this single version of the facts to support their decisions as well as any actionable analysis they might deem necessary to perform. As a result, your healthcare organization will be able to:

  • Provide administrators, clinicians, and executives with insightful analytics that go beyond standard static reports to include the ability to perform further data exploration and analysis
  • Reduce or eliminate any data redundancy issues that inhibit effective decision making
  • Improve patient care and clinical operations while creating transparency at every decision-making level
  • Effectively correlate the impact of operational decisions on patient outcomes
  • Create and continuously enhance credible performance benchmarks
  • Comprehensively analyze risks and assess intervention opportunities