Restaurant Analytics

Whether you are in the casual-dining, fast-casual, or fine-dining restaurant business, you are bound to face intense competition. Nyansapor enables you to quickly develop a deeper understanding of what is going in your restaurant and make proactive decisions to gain a competitive advantage.

Our restaurant analytics solutions will help you improve restaurant profitability and enhance the total guest experience.  We will work with you to develop efficient processes to enable you quickly gather the relevant data from all your sources of data, conduct meaningful analysis, and share the resulting analysis with those who need it - whether on the floor, in the kitchen, at the bar, or in the back-office.

We will help you develop solid restaurant analytics to provide you with actionable insights so that you can make better decisions for your restaurant and also quickly identify areas of opportunity to improve restaurant efficiency, profitability, and performance. For example, you can use analytics to quickly determine which meals or beverages are popular during which times of day and optimize your menu choices. You could also use analytics to determine the optimal labor force requirements for specific times or days.

Our consultants will partner with you to help you to:

  • Stay on top of your resources and assets to stop and deter fraud
  • Quickly obtain the data you need to make faster proactive decisions
  • Benchmark your performance against internal and external metrics
  • Monitor & improve the overall performance of your servers
  • Optimize your workforce and control your labor costs
  • Eliminate redundancies and improve back-office efficiency

Whether you want to react quickly to guest preferences, improve server productivity, cut costs, boost profits, or reduce fraud & theft, Nyansapor will be your trusted partner throughout the journey.