Food Industry Analytics

Business analytics is having a growing and significant impact within the meat and poultry industries. Whether down on the farm in a remote location, in a sub-urban processing plant, or in the corner executive suite. Decision makers at every level are harnessing the power of analytics to access the relevant information they need to make smarter business decisions.

Nyansapor Food offers your organization, powerful and easy-to-use analytics tools to enable you develop and monitor your own performance indicators, dashboards, and scorecards based on the metrics that are most relevant to you. The relevant metrics could include; supplier performance, production variances, infection and vaccination rates, labor efficiencies, and segment sales performance.

Cost efficiency is arguably one of the most important influencing factors affecting your competitiveness. This makes it critical for you to utilize accurate analytics to guide your cost-related decisions. Nyansapor Food enables you to properly identify, analyze and monitor the key cost drivers across your entire organization and establish standard measures for each cost center or for the organization as a whole.

Your business might be gradually becoming more vertically integrated, thus there is the need for you to analyze all aspects of your integrated chain together to obtain a more insightful and holistic view. For instance, being able to analyze broiler farm data together with data from your processing plant, feed mill, and distribution network enables you to better appreciate the impact that inefficiencies on a broiler farm has on your entire integrated chain. Such analysis can help you quickly identify critical areas that need attention and improvements, as well as provide key performance measurements for your integrated chain.

Nyansapor Food helps you turn your various data “silos” into insightful and relevant information. You can easily combine and analyze data from all aspects of your organization without the need for a data warehouse. Using simple menus and wizards, Nyansapor Food connects directly to your existing software and ERP systems. Meaning that, no matter which database, software, or ERP system you currently use, we can make it easier for you to analyze all your data together.

Your farm and plant managers are likely to spend as much time in front of the computer as they do in the tractor seat or on the plant floor. Would it not be a smart move to shift analytics to the frontline by providing them with access to key metrics that directly affect their day-to-day jobs? Using Nyansapor Food, you can get a clearer picture of the opportunities and challenges at every level, and put your decision makers in the best position to make better fact-based decisions.

As you seek to optimize business analytics to make smarter decisions, Nyansapor Food will be your trusted partner along the entire journey.