Consulting Services


Nyansapor has the expertise to implement or streamline your analytics initiatives without compromising quality. No matter which analytics system you have in place, we can help you get the clarity you need from your data.

Our analytics consultants can help you establish a strong and credible analytics foundation to enable you provide the appropriate analytics capabilities and insight to your end-users.

We understand that this might seem to be a major undertaking for some.  However, we believe that if you start small and simple (as a first step), you may realize huge improvements in how you utilize all the data available to you. Even if you have a complicated enterprise-wide analytics system in place, we can help you optimize the intelligence obtained for it.

Nyansapor can be your trusted analytics partner in the following areas:

 np-checkmark1 Design and development of dashboards, scorecards, and other analytics reports
 np-checkmark1 Data analysis and integration
 np-checkmark1 Develop analytics models for your various user groups
 np-checkmark1 Integrate analytics into your overall strategic planning


 Consulting services are provided by our parent company Leumas Solutions.


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