Hotel Analytics

You and your team can use Nyansapor to create dashboards & reports that highlight the various relevant metrics and performance indicators to enable you uncover and monitor trends that are most valuable to you, and also react to emerging opportunities and threats. Nyansapor will work with you to develop efficient processes to enable you quickly gather the relevant data from all your sources of data, conduct meaningful analysis, and share the resulting analysis with those who need it to do their jobs.

  • Do you want to understand how the various aspects of your business (or various properties) are performing without manually reviewing disparate spreadsheets and static reports?
  • Are you struggling to reconcile or combine hard copies of various static reports generated by your PMS, CRS, POS, and other systems?
  • Are you stuck wondering whether you are measuring and monitoring the right performance indicators?
  • Do you realize significant ROI from your analytics technology investments or wonder whether you are optimizing the available analytics tools?
  • Do you wonder why the Labor Cost Percentage or ADR is significantly off from your budget and benchmarks, and why you did not see this trend much earlier?
  • Is there strategic alignment between the analytics your perform and your corporate goals?

If you, like many others who manage hotels & resorts, face similar business challenges, then Nyansapor might be the best-fit solution that you are looking for.