Healthcare Analytics


With the increasing demands from the public for better quality of healthcare services and increased value, healthcare organizations are under significant pressure to deliver better results via reduction in costs, improvements in outcomes, and better care coordination.

Analytics provides a mechanism to handle these challenges by offering healthcare organizations the capability to efficiently sift through the complexity of healthcare data to derive better insights leading to improved outcomes. Healthcare analytics has rapidly evolved to become a holistic approach of information discovery, delivery and decision support, which must be accessible to everyone across a healthcare organization as well as its external partners.

Your healthcare organization can use Nyansapor to leverage the power of analytics to make your data more actionable. You can develop various healthcare analytics models based on your financial, operational, and clinical data to better differentiate your organization from competitors and at the same time achieve improved care outcomes. Why not utilize data from across the entire healthcare ecosystem to enhance proactive decision-making?

Nyansapor provides a powerful yet easy-to-use analytics solution to enable healthcare information seekers gain an improved level of data transparency, as well as new perspectives and insights that will improve the quality of patient care and safety.

Using Nyansapor, you can:

  • Optimize the intelligence from your analytics to make better informed decisions
  • Measure, monitor, and improve performance indicators
  • Develop role-based dashboards & reports
  • Develop & monitor your own benchmarks to enhance regulatory compliance



Using Nyansapor

Nyansapor offers a whole new way of insight discovery, by delivering an advanced and powerful analytics solution that fits your needs.

  • Access, combine, and analyze all your data sources via a single interface without the need to move your data. Data sources could include; EMR/EHR, HIE, Prescription, Lab, Financial, Social…you name it
  • Monitor critical metrics and performance indicators
  • Pre-built analytics in standardized formats that cover various aspects of the population health management spectrum
  • Easily control who has access to what analytics data, report, or dashboard, and when they can access it
  • Enable real-time access to key analytics on mobile devices, including alerts for significant occurrences
  • Share your analytics with your external partners


Executive Insight

Your various sources of data hold huge opportunities to improve operational efficiency, as well as looming threats that could end up being very costly. Nyansapor helps you uncover them quickly.

Using Nyansapor’s self-service analytics, you can:

  • Minimize risks related to patient care & safety, regulatory concerns, as well as meaningful use penalties
  • Optimize revenue and efficiently track reimbursements &incentives across your entire spectrum
  • Control costs and improve efficiency by providing appropriate, timely, and actionable information at the point of care
  • Quickly identify and address problem areas in chronic health management
  • Foster collaboration with your strategic partners

Establishing evidence-based standards of care and decisions across your entire organization, helps you anticipate opportunities and risks more effectively than your competitors.


Analytics Solutions


Population Health Analytics

Population health management is fundamental to the effective delivery of healthcare. This implies the use of evidence-based and data-driven proactive interventions to achieve the best outcomes and also to understand what’s going on with your defined population.

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Healthcare Performance Analytics

Nyansapor's Healthcare Performance Analytics solutions will enable you to develop & analyze the right performance metrics you need to turn your organization's data into actionable insight to support timely operational decisions and comprehensive performance management.

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Clinical Analytics

At Nyansapor, we offer you the tools & expertise to develop advanced analytics models to support clinical decisions that will help you translate all your clinical data into actionable facts at the point of care.

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