Clinical Analytics

At Nyansapor, we offer you the tools & expertise to develop advanced analytics models to support clinical decisions that will help you translate all your clinical data into actionable facts at the point of care. Our clinical analytics solutions are designed to help you leverage evidence-based medical best practices and real-time medical data to enable you provide better informed and personalized patient care.

The analytic models that we help you develop continuously benchmarks your clinical analytics metrics against established medical best practices to ensure that you are providing the best care, eliminating gaps in care, improving care coordination, and reducing costs across your defined population.

Our approach to clinical analytics will help you to:

  • Identify and minimize gaps in care
  • Provide clinicians with insightful analytics that go beyond standard static reports to include the ability to perform further data exploration and analysis
  • Develop & monitor credible clinical quality measures based on national guidelines
  • Base your clinical analytics on an integration of data from multiple sources (such as in-house clinical data, payor claims data, pharmacies, labs, and HIEs)
  • Identify high-risk patients and intervene before their care becomes costly
  • Recognize & assess quality and efficiency improvement opportunities