Population Health Analytics

Population health management is fundamental to the effective delivery of healthcare. This implies the use of evidence-based and data-driven proactive interventions to achieve the best outcomes and also to understand what’s going on with your defined population. It’s about the getting the big picture right – identifying & monitoring population health trends and treating high-risk patients before the costs associated with their care escalates. That’s just part of what Nyansapor can help you achieve.

Our unique approach to population health management combines data integration, advanced analytics, and concise interpretations of the resulting insight to help you develop an in-depth understanding of your population’s needs, risks, challenges and opportunities.

To support your population health management efforts, we help you:

  • Develop retrospective & prospective analyses of population health trends and patterns
  • Identify & manage at-risk populations and spot opportunities to intervene proactively
  • Profile & benchmark providers based on care quality and cost efficiency
  • Identify gaps in care, medical errors, and quality concerns
  • Develop the right metrics and indicators required for clinical decision support